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Hi all! My name is Natalie Denny and I'm a 26 year old youthworker residing in Liverpool.I'm currently employed by Liverpool Youth Offending Service and have been a youthworker for 9 years. I have been writing since I was a teenager for the enjoyment.I enjoy reading,dancing,keeping fit and socialising. As my area of work brings me in contact with many young people I would like to write about youth culture through poems and short stories.I would like to do this by detailing observations that are referred to directly or indirectly in my writing.There is a wide variety of different social groups and a diverse and rich heritage in my city and I feel it important that young people are portrayed and recognised.I also think it would be an interesting subject to document.Hope you enjoy my pieces.Nat



Two faced, contagious waste,
Streaming from your eyes
Polluting my air.
Every breath I despise.
Slyness, trickery,
Cunning, illicit,
Persuading vacant bystanders,
Into thinking it’s legitimate.
Games and circles,
Triumphs and falls.
Cycles and jokes,
Battles and wars.
Hate is overrated.
In only burns the host.
Feigning indifference,
Is what agitates most.
My venom becomes a stanza,
Poetry or prose.
It spirits away the poison,
The crimson ghoul apposed
And afterwards,
I’m empty, spent, enlightened.
If my words could maim,
You’d be more than frightened.


A capacity for malice and heart of gold.
A juxtaposition so I’m told,
but when she forces him to fold,
you’ll know just what I mean.

Holding many a conflicting face,
it’s something pure but also base,
a bitter draught in any case,
that tastes of what I mean.

It wasn’t always this way.
A shattered heart led her astray
‘and it was mended wrong’ she’ll say,
‘Do you know what I mean?’.

So she did what she swore she never would,
that before she knew she never could,
so far away from the things she stood,
that forced her to be mean.

Dear Lies

Dear Lies
I haven’t quite decided if this is a hate or love letter.Maybe it’s a bit of both.
I have sometimes been your ally and at times your enemy.A relationship like this would never end well.The idea of you brings mixed emotions.
At times you make me believe that I’m so powerful and strong only later to become twisted into shards and pushed into my throat.
You can make something that once was pure and good so ugly and base.You can also create false images which make a mockery of me.
I can’t blame you.You are but a tool to be used and we used you devastatingly well
We wield our words as we see fit and destroy our pedastals that took so long to build.
Such a terrible waste.
I’ve decided.
It’s hate.
Yours never
The Truth